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Ahhhh .... you came! Welcome to my section of the Algo Solar System, home to what I think is one of the best Role-playing game series ever.... Phantasy Star!

Special thanks go to Jayde Stargunner, J. Atreides, and Maxx for having these hard to find PS pics on their pages and allowing me to use them, Hub303's Phantasy Star Pages, and lastly, Neilast, who graciously allowed me to have this gallery be in the Phantasy Star Webring. Images courtesy of these sites.


When this RPG first came out on the Sega Master System in 1988, I was in awe at the graphics and the detail put in to this awesome game! Playing it, I was hooked immediately. The storyline was pretty cool too. Phantasy Star's first Protectors, Alis Landale and company must defeat the tyrant Lassic and his minions.

Phantasy Star's popularity continued to grow when the sequel, Phantasy Star II came out, just two years later. The story of the sequel was jampacked and had a smooth flow to it. When I played it, I was into the storyline.

The next game that followed Phantasy Star II was Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom. Generations, as I like to call it for short, was the story of powerful war between the descendants of Orakio and the descendanta of Laya. Orakio and Laya commanded separate armies during a war called the 1 000 Years War. You start off with the prince of Landen, Rhys, and his journey will span through the Generations of Doom.

Here's something interesting that I picked up while playing Generations of Doom. In the third generation, no matter who your character is, go to the village of Rysel. One of the villager's there says something like "Your great-grandfather saved our village during our bizzare winter." I can't remember exactly what he says, but to me, that's close enough.

Lastly, the mother of all Phantasy Star games, Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millenium. This game contained some of the elements of Phantasy Star I, II, and III. Most notably, the adventures of Alis Landale and her friends are talked about a bit as well as Rolf and his friends. The game played smoothly and had some nutball humor while still being serious.



PHANTASY STAR III: Generations of Doom

PHANTASY STAR IV: The End of the Millenium


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