title: phantasy star III: generations of doom

genre: rpg

reviewed by: siykodellique trippmaestro
rating (of 10): 9

holy mother-of-pearl! this game is great! although first turned off by the CGA graphics and tough battles early on (defeated by a chirpy one hp at a time), i grew quite fond of it. it is not your usual rpg. far from it. it does employ the same stats-styles, gain new members, mini-quests, etc., but the overall storyline puts it almost at the same level as ps4. the subtitle is laughable "generations of doom" and reminds me of pepe's constant adding "of doom" to any new object he designs. it makes sense however once you play. you start out trying to save your fiancee from evil monsters. ok, it is quite cliche, i'll admit. however, once you gain members, and defeat the boss that has your wife-to-be (which seemed REALLY quick), you then have the choice of marrying her or a member of your party. then the story continues all over with a different subplot. however, this time, you are playing as your son (with the same stats and weapons as your father) and with wren (an android who is also in ps4) and mieu (like rika in ps4, a cat-like humanoid who uses claws). these two remain with you for the rest of the game, which continues on to the third generation. by the time the final battle starts, you will have the same party with the different leading male character. after both the first and second generations, you choose who you marry, which changes where you begin the next generation. an altogether great game, and we're glad to have it.