The Complete Guide to Phantasy Star III

The second half of the third generation quests are all the same. At this point Kara has Lune's Slicer and Laya (or Gwyn) has Laya's Bow and Laya's Pendant. Wren has the Sub Parts and Aero Parts as well.

Travel to Frigidia
Take the party to Frigidia, with the Aero Parts and Laya's Pendant this should be an easy trip. Once arriving in Frigidia walk to the nearest airport. There are two places which are now accessible: on an island is the town of New Mota and floating above the ice is the castle of Skyhaven.

New Mota (Optional)
Technically the town of New Mota is an optional trip, but it's well worth making. There is a counsel of elders that reveal the history of Alisa III. The shops here also sell some very powerful weapons and armor.

Walk through the castle to reach the elders of Skyhaven. The elders tell the party to assemble the legendary weapons: Orakio's Sword, Miun's Claw, Siren's Shot, Lune's Slicer, and Laya's Bow, then travel to Sage Isle to learn the word of power, and finally return here. Luckily, Lune's Slicer and Laya's Bow are already in the party's inventory. Inside this dungeon of Skyhaven are Aqua Parts for Wren. Go into the dungeon to retrieve them then leave Skyhaven.

Assembling the remaining three legendary weapons is a fairly small task. Miun's Claw can not be retrieved without Orakio's Sword, and Siren's Shot is on Sage Isle ; so the first weapon to find is Orakio's Sword.

Travel to Landen
The best route back to Landen from Skyhaven is first to fly to the northwest corner of Frigidia and take the palace to Elysium. Once in Elysium hop into the nearest airport and fly to the northeast corner to take the palace to Landen. The only dock in Landen is right next to the passage to Elysium, use it to transform Wren to an Aquaskimmer.

Sunken Palace
Sail to the sunken palace, near Yaata, and Wren will transform into a submersible. The sunken palace is small and the only item there is Orakio's Sword. Unfortunately, taking Orakio's Sword also releases Dark Force from his 1,000 year sleep. After releasing Dark Force the main charater will learn the Megido technique. Leave the sunken palace and travel to the southeast corner of Landen to take the palace to Aridia.

In Aridia, Miun will be standing just north of Hazatak. Talk to her and she says "The black sword! Orakio, you've returned! I'm so glad to meet you again before I...." then collapses. She leaves behind Miun's Claw. Take it and head to the northwest corner of Aridia to take the palace to Aquatica.

Travel to Sage Isle
Once arriving in Aquatica, go to the dock near Rysel and transform Wren to an Aquaskimmer. Sail east to the Sage Isle, a small island with a single cave on it.

Sage Isle
Enter the cave and follow the passage north. When the passage splits go east and then south to find Siren. He confesses  "I fought Laya many long centuries ago. I nursed my hatred and attacked Layan people. But on Sage Isle I found that the Layans are not our real enemies. I am sorry for my mistake." then collapses. He leaves behind Siren's shot. Take it and travel to the west side of the cave to meet the elders. The elders teach the party the word Nei and then give the Grantz technique to Mieu. Leave the cave and return to Skyhaven.

Return to Skyhaven
There are two routes from Sage Isle to Skyhaven. The most direct is to go southwest to Aridia and then southwest again to Frigidia. However, there is only one airport on Aridia and it's all the way down by Hazatak so this route requires a lot of walking (which means a lot of battles). The other option is to go southeast to Draconia, southwest to Terminus, and finally west to Frigidia. There are airports near all these exit so it may be slightly faster. Either way, once back in Skyhaven return to the elders and they bless all the legendary weapons with the word Nei. Equip the Nei weapons and leave Skyhaven. Fly east to Terminus.

City of LaShute
The only city on Terminus is the floating city of LaShute. This city is corrupt and terribly evil, not to mention huge. Talking to the townspeople reveals their sinister plot to lure Rhys into moving the moons to awaken Lune and Siren so they would start another war. All the way in the back of the city is Orakio's twin brother Rulakir. Hatred keeps Rulakir alive after 1,000 years, he attacks the party when they arrive.

Fight vs. Rulakir
Rulakir is guarded by a row of Murafires and Azufires. Luckily, Kara can usually take them all out with her first attack. So in the first round have Wren and Laya (Gwyn) attack Rulakir. The main character and Mieu can't attack Rulakir until the fires are defeated so hope Kara attacks before them. Rulakir casts a nasty Tsu technique that can do 40-60 hit points of damage to every member of the party. Have Laya (Gwyn) cast gires often because her attack is the weakest. Rulkir should be defeated in a few rounds.

LaShute Dungeon
This dungeon is filled with some powerful enemies. If the party is badly injured it may be a good idea to turn back and rest before trying this dungeon. However, it is a long walk out of LaShute so it might be best to press on. Dark Force is located in a treasure chest along the eastern wall.

Fight vs. Dark Force
Probably should have mentioned this before but make sure Laya (or Gwyn) has her gires technique at maximum power. Since her attack is the weakest she should be used to cast gires every round (after the first) because Dark Force attacks with the tsu technique, delivering 30-50 hit points of damage to every member of the party.

Dark Force is actually three opponents: right hand, left hand, and body. The left hand is the weakest, with about 300 hit points, so have every member of the party attack it in the first round. The left hand should be easily defeated after one round so for the next few rounds have everyone except Laya (Gwyn) attack the right hand. Dark Force delivers 30-50 hit points of damage to everyone each round and Laya's (Gwyn's) gires technique at full force heals about that much. Once the right hand is slain the only thing left to attack is the body. The body has nearly 8000 hit points though so it will take a while to defeat it. If Laya (Gwyn) runs out of technique points have her attack and have Kara use gires. Mieu should be the last resort for healing because she has a powerful attack.

The End?
Is this the end of the game? Sure is. However, Phantasy Star III has some great replay value. Here are a few suggestions:

Play through Nial's or Ayn's quest. (click here for Genecyst X save state at the end of Rhys' quest)
Try another third generation quest. Note: Crys and Adan have basically the same ending, if you just finished as one of them try Aron's or Sean's quest. (click here for Genecyst X save state at the end of Ayn's quest) (click here for Genecyst X save state at the end of Nial's quest)

Go to the hacking section and try the "Wacky Adventures of Rhys". (click here for Genecyst X save state at the start of the quest)